Are You A Website or Blog Owner?

We realize how important word of mouth is. In fact these days word of mouth is one of the most effective method of helping customers find us.

This is why we're offering this unique opportunity to any customers of ours that may also have a personal website or blog that they write on.

If you find any product that you either like or hate and write a little something about it on your site and let us know, we'll give you 10% OFF your next purchase of selected items.

Here are a few rules:

1. Your website must be over  6 months old.
2. Your website must have at least 15 other pages.
3. Your website must contain a link to the product you review.
4. Your review must be original and written by you.
5. Discount CANNOT be applied towards the purchase of a needak rebounder or bar

Once you write your review and let us know about it and we’ll send you your discount code. At our discretion if we feel your effort is substantial we may increase the discount!

*We reserve the right to refuse any suggested blogs or websites.