Samson Vegetable Washer GBW-300

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Samson Vegetable Washer GBW-300

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Samson offers its customers two fruit and vegetable washers, the GBW-300 and the GBW-100. Both Samson washers are ideal for preparing vegetables and fruits for juicing, cooking, and eating.

The Samson GBW-300 is Samson's top of the line washer, when fruits and vegetables need to be their cleanest. The GBW-300 utilizes the 3D Soul System to decontaminate, disinfect, and deodorize. The heart of the washer's 3D Soul System is its nanosiliver coating, which kill germs on contact.

The Samson GBW-300 also incorporates naturally occurring ozone to kill microbes and neutralize chemical pollutants. Ozone is FDA approved for use as an antimicrobial agent.

The GBW-100 provides value to fruit and vegetable lovers by providing a Samson washer at an affordable price. Both models eliminate at least 98.9% percent of Captan, a fungicide used on grapes and cabbage, and 98.9% percent of pesticides used on apples, including the ultratoxic EPN. Repeated use of Samson washers will bring back color to kitchenware and dishes.

The key to Samson washers' efficiency are their use of ultrasonic waves, cleansing fruits and vegetables thoroughly and gently, and their sturdy plastic design. Both washers come with limited 1-year warranties.


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