Samson Green Power Masticating Twin Gear Juicer KPE-1304

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Samson Green Power Masticating Twin Gear Juicer KPE-1304

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The Green Power KPE-1304 Juicer is a twin gear juicer, making it ideal for producing green juices. The KPE-1304 juices barely grass, wheat grass, pine needles, and other greens for maximum health. The low-speed twin gears are closely set to pulverize greens and extract the greatest amount of juice.
Green Power KPE-1304 is also excellent at extracting juice from fruits and vegetables and serves as a herb mincer, a meat and fish mincer, and a pasta and dough extruder. These many functions make the KPE-1304 a great value for the juice enthusiast.
The low speed of the grinding gears and the addition of a patented magnetic technology prolong the freshness of your juice. Rather than making juice two or three times a day, use the Green Power KPE-1304 and store healthy, fresh juice up to two days!
Because the low speed of rotation of the twin gears, the Green Power KPE-1304 produces little heat, thus protecting juice from denaturing. The juicer also extracts pesticides from fruits, vegetables, and greens, to enhance purity and health.
The Green Power KPE-1304 features automatic pulp ejection for continuous juicing and a "clean" twin gear system that cuts stringy fibers, keeping the gears from becoming clogged. The juicer is lightweight, easy to clean, and comes with a motor warranty of 10 years.


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