Hurom Multipurpose Juicer HU-100

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Hurom Multipurpose Juicer HU-100

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The Hurom multipurpose juicer is a modern looking auger style juicer that uses low speed technology and a dual stage extraction that presses and crushes your fruit and vegetables to make juice. It stands 93/4 inches long, 63/4 inches wide and 15 ¾ inches high and takes up less space on your counter than most other juicers. The Hurom Multipurpose juicer has both coarse and fine dual stage screens, pulp extraction plugs and 2- 50 ounce juicing cups and is self cleaning. It also comes with a tamper, brush for cleaning, and an instruction manual explaining how to best use it for exacting various kinds of juices. It comes with a 10 year warranty. This juicer is designed only to make juice, not to serve, to make peanut butter and do other functions but, it juices all kinds of fruits and vegetables from wheat grass to hard carrots and stringing celery. Reviewers who have purchased this juicer seem to like how it functions with 19 out of 26 reviewers giving it 4 stars or better. Positive comments included mention of the clarity of juice and how easy and quiet it was to use.


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