Green Star 1000 Twin Gear

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Green Star 1000 Twin Gear

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Green star juicers manufactured by Tribest have long been considered some of the best multi functional juicers on the market and also some of the most expensive. They are unique in that they use magnetic twin gears in making juices and doing food processing functions which made them a multi use machine well worth their price tag. However, a few years ago Tribest made and designed the Green star 1000 in an effort to make a juicer that would be affordable to more people. They did this not by making a cheaper product removing a few of the extra functions. This proved to be a good idea as the green star 100 still does all of the food processing and juicing functions of other machines. Not only does it make great tasting juice but it can also make sauces, baby food, frozen fruit desserts and nut butters. In addition, consumers who buy this product because of its affordability can later purchase additional options without having to purchase a new machine. Which means over time you add the breadstick maker, pasta maker, coarse screen, and stainless steel strainer as you can afford them. It is great to be able to start with a basic machine and add functions based on budget.


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