Champion Juicer 2000+ PLUS G5-NH-853S

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Champion Juicer 2000+ PLUS G5-NH-853S

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The Champion 2000+ Home Juicer (G5-NG-853-S) operates on a mastication process, chewing up fruit and vegetable fibers and breaking down produce cells. The result is a greater extraction of healthy minerals, enzymes, vitamins, and fiber. The Champion 2000+ Home Juicer thus produces juice that is richer, darker, sweeter, and more wholesome.
The Champion 2000+ separates juice from pulp in continuous operation, making for the most efficient juicing. Its heavy duty motor supplies 1/3 horsepower of extraction. The floating cutter extracts juice in a single, nonstop motion that is both healthful and quiet. The large feeding chamber eliminates the need to cut fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces.
In addition to juice, The Champion 2000+ Home Juicer makes delicious baby food, coconut milk, ice creams, and fruit sauces. The Champion 2000+ is supplied with an attachment that transforms the juicer into a versatile homogenizer.
The Champion 2000+ requires no clamps, bolts, or screws for operation, so assembly is completed in seconds. The stainless steel construction makes for easy cleaning and long-lasting wear. The cutting blades are cast directly into the cutter for extra durability. The Champion 2000+ Home Juicer is supplied with a ten-year limited manufacturer's warranty.


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