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Alopecia and Juicing

Alopecia is abnormal thinning or balding of the hair on the head. This can happen as a natural result of aging or it can be a result of radiation, surgery, illness, vitamin or mineral deficiency, or over consumption of certain vitamins (like vitamin A). Because there are so many possible causes for this disorder if is important to consult your physician to rule out a possible serious underlying medical condition.

Dietary Recommendations

Vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other nutrients found if the food we eat are important for health hair growth. Foods that you can eat to support the health growth of new hair are foods rich in sulfur -containing amino acids L-cysteine and L-methoinine, foods rich in vitamin B and foods that contain essential fatty acids.

Juice that supports hair growth

3 leaves of dark green Lettuce

1 handful of alfalfa sprouts

2 leaves of kale

1 handful of baby spinach

1/2 of a green pepper

Happy Juicing!

Garden Delight Green Juice Recipe.

I discovered this recipe a few weeks ago and it has become one of my favorite. It is similar to Green Goo with the addition of a few extra greens surprisingly the extra greens make Garden Delight taste quite a bit different than Green Goo. To make this recipe you will need one half an organic cucumber, 2 stalks of organic celery, two fists full of spinach, a hand full of frisee (you should be able to find this at your local health food store) and 1/4 of a head of organic cabbage.

Make sure you thoroughly was everything before running it through your juicer, especially the frisee as frisse tends to have dirt hiding in its leaves.  

This juice is packed with vitamins and thanks to the cabbage and frisee, has a lightly sweet flavor to it.

To make this juice you will need a masticating juicer similar to the omega 8003.

Happy juicing!

Calcium Rich Juice Recipe

Calcium is one of the most abundant minerals on earth and an essential part of a healthy diet. Even though calcium is so abundant many people’s diets deficient in this important mineral. Calcium is important in the formation and maintenance of strong bones. Recent studies have shown that increased calcium intake actually reduces the risk of kidney stones. Calcium is also a pH buffer which can help to balance a overly acidic diet. Many people are discovering that they are sensitive to dairy products but fortunately many vegetables are loaded with calcium and can be used to meet the recommended daily allowance. Here is a great juice recipe which is loaded with calcium.

Calcium Booster

2 Fists full of Organic spinach
1 Half cup of Organic Collard Greens
1 Half cup of Organic Broccoli
4 Organic Carrots

Be sure to thoroughly wash your vegetables before juicing. To make this juice recipe you will need a masticating / wheatgrass  juicer like the Omega 8005.

Happy Juicing!

Acidic Food Craving and Green Drink

The list of acid forming foods in the average American diet is daunting. We have become a nation raised on junk food. Many of us never learned what it truly means to eat a healthy diet and all too often we end up paying the price. It is tragic that so many people have created disease in their body by the way they eat! Fortunately more and more doctors and health practitioners are becoming aware of the critical role diet plays in maintaining good health and helping to educate the public on better ways to eat. It’s no accident that organic and whole foods are the fastest growing segment in the food industry.

Acidic foods are any foods that are high in sugar,  most grains, diary, Legumes, most beans and legumes, all meat and alcohol. This is by no means a all complete. But an easy way to think about it is if it is green and has its live water still in it in most cases it is not acid forming. Think veggies :)

Here are some of the common side effects of eating too many acidic foods. Heartburn, stomach and intestinal ulcers, mouth sores etc. Many alternative health practitioners are convinced that in addition to the health issues listed above dozens of other diseases can be attributed to acid build up in the system. I am not a doctor but I can say this from my own experience. Since I started eating more alkaline food and paying attention to my bodies pH, which has been about 5 years now, I have never gotten a cold. I used to get them every year.

So the if you find yourself craving acidic foods here is what you can do. You need to get your body back in balance. Include lots more veggies in your diet, drink at least one green drink made from fresh organic vegetables ever day. In the beginning you many want to drink more than one. It really helps to have a good masticating juicer like the Samson Green Power GB-9001 so that you can make your own juice.

Finally here is my personal favorite green juice recipe of all time, my girlfriend and I have affectionately named it Green goo.

Green Goo

1 half an organic cucumber
2 stalks organic celery
1 large fist full of spinach

Happy Juicing!

Juice Away Your Salt Craving

If you find yourself craving pickles, olives, potato chips, or other similar food your body may actually be craving the salt not the actual food.  Salt cravings are sometimes caused by serious underlying problems like diabetes or anemia, if you discover that you have salt cravings it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with your doctor to rule these out. Another less serious factor that can cause you to have salt cravings is adrenal stress. Many things can contribute to adrenal stress. One factor that is very common is consuming too much caffeine. Caffeine is found in many things like coffee, soda, and even chocolate which you may want to cut back on to see if this helps to eliminate you cravings.

There are also some supplements which you can take which can help to support your adrenal glands and may eliminate your craving for salt.

Try taking :

Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)
Vitamin C
Vitamin B6

Here are some fruit and vegetables that are high in the vitamins listed above that  may help with your cravings.

Garlic, spinach, celery, parsley, and bananas  – Potassium
Kale, Parsley, oranges, grapefruits, green pepper, parsley – Vitamin C
Ginger, garlic, parsley potatoes – Zink
Beets, greens, parsley, spinach, garlic – Magnesium
Kale, spinach, sweet peppers, turnip greens – Vitamin B6

And finally today’s juice recipe is a delicious way to help support your adrenals and possibly eliminate your cravings for salt.  

Adrenal Support Elixir:

 2 Organic stalks of celery
2 Organic Kale leaves
1/2 Organic beet
1 Small fist full of spinach
1 Small hand full of Parsley

In order to make this recipe at home you will need a good masticating juicer like the L’ Equip Visor Masticating Juicer.

Happy Juicing!

Sweet Buster Juice Recipe

Today we are going to begin to explore food cravings and how through proper nutrition and juicing we can help to eliminate them. Food cravings are often caused by our body being deficient in some vital nutrient.  For example if you crave sweets it is very likely that your body has a chromium deficiency. Chromium helps regulate insulin which has a direct impact on your blood sugar levels. If you find that you crave sweets here are some vegetables that can be eaten or juiced which contain chromium and may help to eliminate your cravings.

Chromium content per 1 cup:

Broccoli                                22 mcg
Tomatoes                            9 mcg
Potatoes                              2.7 mcg
Green beans                      2.2 mcg
Romaine Lettuce              7.9 mcg
Green Bell Pepper           19 mcg
Carrots                                 9 mcg

Eggs Yokes, Molasses, and Brewer’s yeast are also very high in Chromium.

And finally for those of you who own your own juicer here is a fresh vegetables juice recipe that you may want to try to help you get rid of your sweet tooth it’s called the Sweet Buster.

Sweet Buster Juice Recipe

1 Small hand full of organic spinach
2 Organic Carrots with the greens removed
2 Organic Broccoli Flowerets
2 Organic Celery Stalks
1/2 Organic green pepper

Happy Juicing!

Juice recipe: Purple Power

Here is another one of my favorite juice recipes. This one has a good variety of different vegetables in it and is pack with nutrients. Sometimes I have this juice for breakfast and it’s amazing how much energy I get from it. As always, when your juicing its critically important that you only use organic veggies. When you juice your are getting a higher concentration of nutrients and unfortunately if you’re using conventional produce you are also getting a higher concentration of any pesticides that may have been used in growing the veggies. So buy organic! Organic also just tasted better. :)

Recipe: Purple power juice

1 half a cucumber

2 stalks of celery

1 half of a beet (be sure to wash the beet well but don’t skin it)

A small hand full of parsley

A hand full of spinach  

Alkalizing Green Drink Recipe

 Many people have already discovered the powerful cleansing and healing effects of juicing. Juicing fresh organic greens and vegetables is especially good for us. Often time’s people are hesitant to try vegetable juice thinking it will taste bad. However this is far from being true, there are dozens of wonderful tasting vegetable juice recipes. In fact it is quite common for people to develop a taste for one or two favorite recipes and actually crave them very similar to coffee cravings, the energy boost one gets from drinking vegetable juice is also very similar to what one gets from drinking coffee but without the negative side effects. Here is the first in a series of recipes I will be posting. Again feel free to comment on these recipes or share your own.

Green Power:

1/2 Organic cucumber with the skin still on it.

3 stalks of organic celery

1 half cup (or good sized fist full) of organic spinach.

This recipe makes about one serving, about 8 ounces. Try to drink it within 15min of juicing.