pH Balance and Juicing

More and more people are becoming aware how important  pH levels are in achieving and maintaining good health. Your pH level is effected by variety of different factors including endocrine function, kidney function, breath and lung function and diet. Of these factors the one two that we have the most direct control are our breathing habits and what we eat on a regular basis. The focus of this site is Juicing and nutrition so I will not go into the importance and health benefits of deep. But for anyone truly interested in living a healthier lifestyle I would highly recommend picking up a copy of Dr. Andrew Weil’s book titled “Breathing”.


As for diets role in pH it’s pretty simple. Most of the food we eat on a daily basis in America is acid forming. Foods like bread, meat, high sugar content foods including fruit, etc all fall into this category and have an acidifying effect on the body. To balance out this acid our body is forced to pull alkalinity from its reserves like the calcium in our bones. We can help keep our pH levels balanced by eating foods which have a alkalizing effect on the body. These foods are foods like vegetables, leafy greens and wheatgrass. Our modern American diets are so high in acid forming foods its difficult to get enough greens to balance out the acid. Fortunately juicing on veggies on a regular basis makes it a lot easier.

Happy Juicing!

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