Alkalizing Green Drink Recipe

 Many people have already discovered the powerful cleansing and healing effects of juicing. Juicing fresh organic greens and vegetables is especially good for us. Often time’s people are hesitant to try vegetable juice thinking it will taste bad. However this is far from being true, there are dozens of wonderful tasting vegetable juice recipes. In fact it is quite common for people to develop a taste for one or two favorite recipes and actually crave them very similar to coffee cravings, the energy boost one gets from drinking vegetable juice is also very similar to what one gets from drinking coffee but without the negative side effects. Here is the first in a series of recipes I will be posting. Again feel free to comment on these recipes or share your own.

Green Power:

1/2 Organic cucumber with the skin still on it.

3 stalks of organic celery

1 half cup (or good sized fist full) of organic spinach.

This recipe makes about one serving, about 8 ounces. Try to drink it within 15min of juicing.

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